Kingdom of Christ - RighteousnessThe purpose of this Website is to assist people with their Bible study; particularly, those who desire to be disciples of Jesus Christ, the Son of God (Luke 6:39, 40; 14:27).  The word disciple means a learner – cognitively, affectively and behaviorally.

The books are designed for personal or group study.  This is a Bible study with a literal view of the scriptures.  Review questions have been attached to each lesson in the books.  Scripture references are included.

The lessons are progressive, whether they involve a topic, a narrative or a New Testament letter.  Biblical interpretation principles have been applied, especially, in the books on narratives and letters.  One purpose of principled Bible study is to protect us from making the scriptures mean what we already believed they meant.

These books have been developed with the assumption that the kingdom of God existed before the world was created.  God’s purpose for creating mankind is to have children in his eternal kingdom.  Adam and Eve broke God’s covenant and received the knowledge of good and evil.  Consequently, God made provisions for grace based on faith so that Christians can develop as disciples of Jesus.

Please feel free to download the PDF file for your own use and make as many copies as you need.  There is no cost or obligation.