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Lesson Three – Truth About Eternal Life

The Truth About Eternal Life Lesson Aim.  To relate the truth about God to the truth about man and thereby define life. Introduction Christians sometime use Biblical words they cannot explain.  The word “life” is one of them.  We are quite sure we have, not only life, but eternal life, yet some of us find […]

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Part I – God, Man and Life

PART ONE God, Man and Life Introduction Before entering into a study of the Biblical story of the God/man encounter in Part Three of this book, let us consider a number of scriptures in order to determine the nature of these two main characters.  In Part One, a brief study of the nature of both […]

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Lesson Two – The Truth About Mankind

The Truth About Mankind Lesson Aim:  To show why and how God created mankind and also His plan to satisfy the way He put us together. Introduction Although the people of the world willingly admit they have serious problems, they are not willing to turn to the church for help.  When some Christians recognize they […]

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Lesson One – The Truth About God

The Truth About God Lesson Aim:  To show that the truth about the nature of God can be understood only through Jesus Christ and only by those who abide in His word. Introduction Many have supposed if they decide to recognize God, they have.  Somehow, they think by announcing they are praying to God, they […]

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