Part II Introduction – Paul’s Introduction to Christians in Rome

 Paul’s Introduction to Christians in Rome 

Rom. 1:1-7

Christ Jesus, our Lord


Spirit with holiness nature – Son of God.

                                                                                 Human nature – descendant of David.

God declared it with power

by the resurrection of Jesus.                           Paul, His servant – set apart (apostle)

For the Gospel of God

Promised before hand in the Holy Scriptures through His prophets.

Gentiles called by the gospel.                                                  Faith in the name of Jesus Christ.

Belong to Jesus Christ.                                                             They are “the called” – the church of Christ (16:16).


Their obedience coming from their faith was being evidenced to the world. 1:8

Christians are mutually encouraged by one another’s faith. 1:12


The righteousness of God is revealed in the gospel.

“The righteous shall live by faith. 1:17                                


                                                                                                                             faith >>>>


                                                                         faith >>>>

 Gospel preached to                       Greeks and non-Greeks. 1:14


The wrath of God is being revealed           —          

                                                                   against all the godliness and wickedness. 1:18

Truth suppressed the                                                       What may be known about God is plain.

glory of immortal God. 1:23, 25                                             Truth expressed

                                                                                                   God’s invisible qualities:

                                                                                                    Eternal power – Divine nature. 1:20

Claimed to be wise;

however, they made

images like mortal man. 1:23

Their thinking is futile (mind) and emotions foolish (heart). 1:21

God gave them over to sinful desires


Results: Sexuality confusion (perversion). 1:26, 27                                        Depraved mind. 1:28-31

Approved of this kind of society. 1:31

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