Lesson 5 – Travels of Jesus


Date Place Event Scripcture

4 B.C. Nazareth Announcement of Jesus’ birth Luke 1:27

3 B.C. Bethlehem Birth of Jesus Luke 2:1-7

Bethlehem Circumcised and named Luke 2:21

Jerusalem In the temple Luke 2:27

Egypt Flight to Egypt Matt 2:13-35

1 B.C. Nazareth Return to Palestine Matt 2:19-23

9 A.D. Jerusalem Feast of the Passover Luke 2:40-42

27 A.D. Jordan River John baptized Jesus Christ Matt 3:13 (Jesus was 30 years old, Luke 3:23)


Wilderness Jesus resists Satan Matt 4:1-11

Bethabara beyond Jordan John points out Jesus to Andrew, Peter’s brother John 1:28

Cana of Galilee Water to wine – first miracle John 2:1

Capernaum Jesus, His mother and brethern John 2:12

28 A.D. Jerusalem Jews’ s Passover –cleans Temple John 2:13

Sychar in Samaria Woman at Jacob’s Well John 4:5

Galilee Heals Nobleman’s son John 4:43

Nazareth Teaches in home town Luke 4:14

Sea of Galilee Call of the fishermen, Peter, Andrew, James and John Matt 4:18

Jerasalem Feast of the Jews John 5:1

29 A.D. Near Capernaum Chose the Twelve Luke 6:12-19

Sermon the Mount Luke 6:20-49

Galilee Preaching tour of Jesus with the Twelve. Luke 8:1

Twelve disciples sent out Luke 9:1

Bethsaida Apostles return –feed 5,000 Luke 9:10

Gennesaret Heals the sick Mark 6:53

Tyre & Sidon Heals Greek woman’s child Mark 7:24

Decapolis Heals – feeds 4,000 Mark 7:31; 8:9

Dalmanutha Pharisees question Jesus Mark 8:10

Caesarea Philippi Jesus asks “Who do men say Mark 8:27 that I am?” Luke 9:18

30 A.D. Through Galilee Jesus tells disciples of His death Mark 9:30

To Jerusalem by Samaria Foxes have holes and birds have nests. Luke 9:51


Jerusalem Taught in temple at the Feast John 7:14

Judea Seventy sent out and return Luke 10:1-17

Bethany near Jerusalem Home of Mary and Martha Luke 10:38

Perea Escapes from Jews John 10:39

Toward Jerusalem Teaching Luke 13:22

Passed through midst Galilee, Samaria Luke 17:11

Bethany Raises Lazarus John 11:1

City of Ephraim Walked no more openly John 11:54

Jericho Went home with Zacchaeus Luke 19:1-5

Near Jerusalem Explains about the kingdom Luke 19:11

while the king was away

Jerusalem Jesus’ triumphal entry Luke19:41

Feast of Passover Matt.26:19

Gethsemane Matt.26:36

Taken captive Matt.26:47

Before Caiaphas the High Priest Matt. 26:57

Before Pilate Matt. 27:2

The Roman‘s Praetorium Matt.27:27

Golgotha to be crucified Matt.27:33

Buried Matt. 27:60

Risen Matt.28:6

Galilee The Great Commission Matt.28:16-20

Mt. Olivet Ascension Acts 1:9-12

This travelogue is open for corrections. We do not have specific dates established in the Bible. We do have some general time frames establed because of the name given for rulers and other events. This document was developed for your reference; therefore, no questions or items for discussion paper.

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